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Argh! The Symptoms & Discomfort of Perimenopause and Menopause (part 1)

Are you aware that perimenopause (the time when the ovaries gradually begin producing less estrogen in preparation for menopause) can begin as early as the mid-30s, causing spikes in hormones (hello mood swings and irregular periods*)?

In the last years of perimenopause, the decline in estrogen begins to speed up, until the ovaries stop releasing eggs altogether — this is the stage when women experience noticeable symptoms of menopause (such as disrupted sleep, night sweats, weight gain, sore joints, difficulty concentrating, irritability, depression, anxiety, to name a few).

By the way, it’s a misconception that women in post menopause stop producing estrogen altogether, as these hormones are crucial for bodily function. The levels simply decrease and are produced in much smaller amounts.

Many women seek out one of two hormone replacement therapies :HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy). Studies have shown there may be risks involved with both HRT & BHRT, especially for some with a history of breast cancer or cardiovascular disease, which could put them at a greater risk of these diseases by using these products.

While there are some women for whom the risks outweigh the benefits, most women don’t NEED replacement therapy. There is a wealth of natural remedies and hormone-free interventions, (it’s important to discuss with your medical practitioner first).

In the next few posts I will go over some general dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

If you’re suffering through perimenopause, like I have, I’m here to help! Together we can find solutions to help alleviate your symptoms and discomfort.

*(The symptoms can mimic those of a thyroid imbalance, so it’s important to get an evaluation from a medical practitioner).

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