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Most of us, even with the best of intentions, don't have the opportunity or even know where or how to begin a healthier journey.  

Carving out time for ourselves requires more than a commitment: it requires a deep and loving longing to know ourselves, care for ourselves, and love ourselves -- easier said than done!

With this in mind, I created an easy-to-follow-and-achieve Two Week Body Reboot Program.


Just simple and delicious daily recipes and lifestyle tips for a healthier, happier and more vibrant you!

No diet

No supplements

No cleanses


* Clean your body
* Achieve better focus
* Decrease anxiety/stress
* Have better digestion
* Eliminate: added sugars, lactose, processed meats, white flour
* Exercise 30 minutes a day
* Learn how to prepare your week ahead
* Learn easy and healthy recipes


* Personalized nutrition plan
* Weekly grocery list via email
* Recipes via email
* Daily group follow-up through WhatsApp

(how your diet and exercises are going)
* Availability for questions and support


* To be available one day per week for grocery shopping and food preparation
* To be willing to exercise for 30 minutes a day
* A lunch box
* A notebook
* The commitment to do this for yourself 




Join me on the Two Week Body Reboot journey and see how more energetic and lighter you can feel!

Send me an email:, and I will send you a questionnaire to help me get to know you a bit better.

Let's do this!

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